About Ray

My philosophy

A photo is primarily the imprint of time, it is the mirror of our intimacy. It's a present frozen without past or future. It feeds our imagination, it fantasizes our memories, it can as well enhance a reality that may not have existed as it nurtures the emotion of the memory of the moment it was captured.

Our intimate self thus revealed requires a non-judgmental, unbiased gaze. Opening up to the photographer demands trust and a letting go that releases us from our fears, our apprehensions, from our mirror reflection.

The experience of modeling thus teaches us about ourselves, about who we truly are without facade and without the artifices demanded by social conventions. This experience allows us to reveal ourselves to ourselves and to eternally capture this moment which we will remember forever.

Our memory recalls from the Other a detail of their skin, their face, their body, but rarely the entire being. Our memory freezes the image of the Other like a fraction of a second but feeds our memories for years.

The photographer is the witness to this moment of intimacy, and it's important to choose this witness wisely, as they alone will likely hold up the mirror to your innermost self before you.