2024 Calendar

2024 Calendar


Black and white


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Discover the 2024 calendar featuring artistic photographs showcasing exceptional women from Quebec. Each month, immerse yourself in the captivating universe of these talented women, endowed with incredible inner strength. Celebrate the diversity and authenticity of these remarkable women who embody the power of creativity and determination. Get your hands on this exclusive calendar now, an ode to timeless elegance.

"Women of Quebec" Collection

One size: 11" x 17.5"

The digital version for desktop is available!

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Printed and shipped from Canada.
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Here, my aim is to present to you why I took this photo and why I wish to put it up for sale and share it with you. Happy reading!

Explore the fascinating world of exceptional women from Quebec through the 2024 artistic photo calendar, captured by photographer Rénald Prébé, also known as Ray Creation. Each month, immerse yourself in the captivating universe of these women endowed with incredible inner strength, immortalized in black and white shots. Ray Creation's artistic eye brings each image to life, revealing the timeless beauty and authentic personality of his models.

Ray Création, a photographer from Quebec, creates these works of art in his studio in Montreal. His approach is to go beyond the surface to capture the very essence of each woman. Each photo shoot becomes a personal exploration, allowing the models to discover themselves in a new and powerful way.

Artistic photography goes beyond simple frozen images; it's a way to connect with oneself and reveal hidden aspects of one's personality. Ray understands the importance of this experience. Each session becomes a celebration of the uniqueness of each model, fostering self-confidence and the discovery of their own inner beauty.

Through the black and white photos in the calendar, Ray transcends visual boundaries to capture pure emotion and truth that reside in every gaze, every posture. Each snapshot becomes a masterpiece, a visual exploration of the inner strength and authentic beauty of these extraordinary women.

The choice of black and white in these photographs is not merely aesthetic; it reinforces the timelessness of each image. The shades of gray capture the complexity of emotions, creating portraits that transcend eras. Ray utilizes his expertise to play with light and shadow, thus crafting visual tableaus that evoke deep emotions.

Beyond photographic technique, the photographer must orchestrate each session as an immersive experience. The women being photographed are not merely models but collaborators in a creative process. It's this connection that lends the photos a palpable authenticity, a truth that transcends mere visual representation.

The careful selection of the women featured in the calendar is not arbitrary. Each one embodies a unique story, an inner strength worthy of celebration. Ray captures these narratives with artistic sensitivity, highlighting the diversity and richness of female experiences in Quebec.

Ray Creation's studio in Montreal becomes the stage for these visual explorations. Each session becomes a collaboration between the photographer and the subject, a creative dance where the boundaries between artist and model blur. It is in this space of shared creativity that women discover, reveal, and assert themselves.

The photo sessions thus become a celebration of individuality and beauty in all its forms. Ray Creation encourages his models to fully embrace who they are, to break free from conventions, and to flourish in front of the camera. Each photo becomes a self-affirmation, a declaration of confidence and inner strength.

The 2024 artistic photo calendar, born from this artistic collaboration, becomes much more than just a collection of snapshots. It is a tribute to femininity in all its diversity, a celebration of the inner strength that resides in each of these exceptional women. Through his lens, Ray Creation offers a unique perspective on the authentic beauty that emanates from self-discovery through the art of photography. Get your hands on this exclusive calendar and immerse yourself in a captivating visual journey, where the true essence of femininity unfolds with elegance and power.